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waterfallThe Poet with His Face in His Hands: Mary Oliver


Happiness: Jane Kenyonparasols

To Be of Use: Marge Piercyoxen

climberKeep Going:
Joseph M. Marshall

The Blue: Billy Collinsblue sky

irish ruinsRequiem for the Croppies:
Seamus Heaney

tree branchesHave You Ever Tried to Enter the Long Black Branches?: Mary Oliver

heart in handKINDNESS:
Naomi Shihab Nye

winter sunSOMETIMES:
Sheenagh Pugh

wavesFrom “The Cure at Troy”:
Seamus Heaney

bridgeThe Bridge Poem:
Donna Kate Rushin

mom and babyTomorrow I Shall be Sad:

log fireFire: Judy Brown

crowdFor the Sake of Strangers:
Dorianne Laux

hopeTomorrow’s Child:
Rubin Alves

violinThe Touch of the Master’s Hand:
Myra Brooks Welch

father and sonIF: RUDYARD KIPLING



clockIF YOU KNEW: Ellen Bass

Langston Hughes

John Betjeman

dandelionTHE WIND,

Antonio Machado

James (Seamus) Boyd

bright lightSelf Portrait:
David Whyte

crossroadsThe Road Not Taken:
Robert Frost

bamboo penDigging: Seamus Heaney

David Slavitt



dreamDream Deferred:
Langston Hughes



trophyDon’t Quit: Edgar A. Guest




street ghostWhat Then?: W.B. Yeats




sailboat The Invitation:
Oriah Mountain Dreamer



full moonInvictus:
William Ernest Henley



lakeThe Lanyard : Billy Collins




stone pathThe Journey : Mary Oliver

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