It’s the last day of January and the question many people will be asking themselves is: “Are my New Year’s Resolutions still in-tact or are they in-tatters?”

I suspect the latter for most of us, and this lack of achievement is linked to: unclear visions i.e. what is it specifically that one wants to achieve; lack of a clear strategy (action steps) with well-defined goals; and a weak achievement mindset (belief, persistence and continual learning i.e. a steadfast belief that one can achieve, the ability to be persistent particularly when the going gets tough, and a willingness to learn from our mistakes and from the insights of others.)

Do I have a magic bullet? No; however see my  blog on Achievement dated January 30 2014 which is still valid this year.

Additionally, I recommend a recently published book that I have just finished reading -again.  Willpower: Roy F. Baumeister and John Tierney.


Only those with the Willpower to check these out though will be able to benefit from the lessons therein!!

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