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Mojo-Dynamics is a term I created to characterize people’s engagement level within the work world. It is analogous, and has many similarities to how Thermo-Dynamics characterizes energy within the physical world.

Most people are taught at school the three main laws of Thermo-Dynamics, which help to explain energy within the physical world, Table 1.

In an analogous way, there are three main laws of Mojo-Dynamics which help to explain Engagement (or energy) within the people/work world, Table 1.

Table 1.

Law Number Thermo-Dynamics Mojo-Dynamics
1. Total amount of energy is constant. It can only change form. Total amount of potential engagement within people is constant. It can change form at work
from engagement to disengagement.
2. Disorder always increases, and energy efficiency decreases. Disengagement at work will always increase without appropriate management or leadership, and engagement levels will decrease.
3. All molecular movement stops at absolute zero. Engagement stops, and disengagement is maximized at work, when people’s trust levels of management or leadership drop to zero.

In a recent Gallop Poll, it was confirmed that only 13% of people are currently engaged at work.

There are of course many theories to explain the reason or reasons for this. In my view, one of the key reasons is the level of trust that people have, or don’t have, of their managers or leaders.

  • With Trust: Nothing Else Matters*
  • Without Trust: Nothing Else Matters*

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