Life is full of paradoxes that some say require balancing; however accepting an appropriate location on the paradox continuum, when dealing with the paradox conundrum, may be as good as it gets! An example of such a paradox follows:

  • Trust – if you have it nothing else matters.
  • Trust – if you don’t have it nothing else matters.

Trust is well defined by Stephen M.R. Covey as a mixture of Character (Integrity and Intent) and Competence (Capabilities and Results). To be successful both personally and professionally, over the long-term, it is important to demonstrate both Character and Competence consistently in order to have/retain a High Trust reputation.

For this paradox, Trust Me, it is always better to be a person who can be Trusted versus a person who cannot; even when it means accepting some short-term challenges as a consequence.

  • Without Trust Little/Anything gets Accomplished.

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