In the late 60/early 70, Dr. Walter Mischel carried out an experiment with children to examine discipline and success later in life. The children in the experiment were seated in a large room with one marshmallow on their desk. They were told that when the adults left the room they could either eat the marshmallow or alternatively if they waited until the adults returned they could have two marshmallows to eat. The children were then followed for four decades¬†and were assessed in terms of their success. It was found that those children who were more disciplined and waited until the adults returned were more successful in life. Dr. Mischel concluded over time that those children who were more disciplined were not born lucky with the “discipline gene” but rather they had employed learned skills to avoid the Marshmallow Temptation. This conclusion expands beyond Marshmallows to all ¬†the Temptations we face in life that hold us back.

Oscar Wilde was witty when he said ” I can resist anything except temptation” , but in reality, “We can resist all temptations if we have the appropriate learned skills”


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