Life is full of paradoxes that some say require balancing; however accepting an appropriate location on the paradox continuum, when dealing with the paradox conundrum, may be as good as it gets! An example of such a paradox follows:

  • Delegation is Easy
  • Delegation is Difficult

There is a perception that delegation is all about Managers i.e. those that easily delegate (empowering) and those that have difficulty delegating (micro-managing).However this viewpoint is much too simplistic, as clearly there are more players in the process than manager e.g. subordinate if the delegation is to one person, or team-members if the delegation is to a team.The real key to dealing successfully with this paradox, whether in the case of a manager, subordinate or team, is to understand the rules associated with delegation.There are different models that help to explain these rules e.g. Tannenbaun & Schmidt Model and Businessballs Model ( Once the rules are understood by all the parties involved then the process of delegation, and particularly the extent of delegation, is likely to be implemented more efficiently and effectively. Consequently the chances of success for the task or project increase dramatically. In addition the manager will have more time to move onto more value-added activities, and as a consequence will grow and develop. In addition the subordinate/team-members will be empowered and will also grow and develop – a Win/Win outcome.

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