Life is full of paradoxes that some say require balancing; however accepting an appropriate location on the paradox continuum, when dealing with the paradox conundrum, may be as good as it gets! An example of such a paradox follows:

  • Failure is Bad
  • Failure is Good

The challenge that we all face in life is that none of us want to fail. This may be related to internal success drivers that we have developed, or it may be related to external drivers such as what one’s family or friends or colleagues think! Nonetheless, human growth typically occurs when one’s body or mind is stretched to its skill limit when trying to achieve something challenging. As a consequence, if one always plays it safe and takes no risk of failure then little if any growth will occur, and one side consequence will be boredom. Paradoxically, on the other hand, if one sets unrealistic targets or goals and fails to meet these every time then, in contrast to growth, this is more likely to lead to a diminishing sense of self and ultimately disengagement.The key to success is to push yourself with challenging targets/goals that are a stretch for your current skills but which are manageable with effort and commitment

  • Success is Often a Consequence of Some Failure 

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